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Revelation: The unveiling of Jesus Christ
Names of God: learning to know God more intimately

Elkmont Baptist Church

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Revelation: End Times
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Names of God
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There may be no book in the Bible more feared, misunderstood, neglected, or written about than the Book of Revelation. Even the Greek word
The names and titles of God are important both to learn about the character and characteristics of God and also to learn how use His name in prayer. There is a name of God for each situation that we can call upon to give us aid. When we focus on God when we pray, we put our troubles into prospective against our God who has control of each problem, while it also acknowledges the power and the authority of God and gives Him glory.
has become synonymous with horror movies, zombies, end of the world scenarios, and death. Although the Book of Revelation does outline a lot of judgement and death, the title actually means "The Unveiling", and since the actual title is The Revelation of Jesus Christ, we can restate it as The unveiling of Jesus the Messiah. Thus this book details all of the events leading to the return of our Lord and Savior in bodily form back to Earth, but now as King of Kings. As we delve into the book, we will discover special worship scenes, a glimpse of God's throne room, the influence of the saints' prayers, and many more good things as well as the judgements so many people fear. Revelation was written at a time that the church persecuted by Roman emperors needed to know that God had not abandoned them. It was to them a book of reassurance, of victory, of peeling back the veil to the spiritual battle going on around them, and it gave them hope and encouragement in the faith. We will examine the prophesies of other Old Testament prophets like Daniel, Isaiah, Micah, and Ezekiel as well as compare passages in Revelation with New Testament writings to gain additional clarification regarding a time covered in the Bible more than any other: the return of the King. Come join us every Sunday morning as we explore this amazing book of the Bible.
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